Father Ramon Anglés (center) and Rose Anderson (back left) on the Saint Marys Campus in September 1991.

I emerged from a cult and into the real world at the age of 23, a destitute mother of three children. I was 14 years old when I went into the cult, but my childhood years before that had been anything but normal.

My mother’s mission to ensure my salvation…

Above: Hampton Mansion on what used to be a plantation owned by the Ridgely family of Baltimore County. The stately example of Georgian architecture looms high above the slave quarters at the bottom of the hill. Photo by Rose Anderson.

The speech I made as an eighteen-year-old, in which I extolled the virtues of old-fashioned European women and condemned all others as “modern Gorgons”, didn’t come out of nowhere. Neither did Donald Trump’s executive order proclaiming a Classical standard of beauty for Federal buildings.

When my family moved to St…

Rose Anderson

I grew up in a religious cult. Years after my escape, my storytelling and visual artworks still search for freedom from oppressive constructs.

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