Hi Ms. Harris, thank you so much for reading and responding. I absolutely agree with you on all points. I'm wondering if I need to be more clear that I am giving directions to white people when I write. I would never presume to tell Black people what to feel or how to act toward White people. You can call us whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. I love Michael Harriot for doing that, and he's really funny too.

It's horribly unfortunate, but most white people are never going to acknowledge let alone understand their own anti-Black views unless someone figures out how to start at Kindergarten level with them. That is a job white people have to take on. It's definitely not something Black people should even have to worry about. Obviously, anything we've done to change whiteness over the past century hasn't worked, because there's been little to no meaningful progress in changing the white collective mindset. Let alone any progress toward dismantling white-supremacist systems.

Artist, storyteller. My childhood in an ultra-conservative cult is a lens on constructs of race and patriarchy in America. Speaking truth to whiteness.

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